Watch videos in Picture in Picture mode in OS X

Using PIPGrabber you can watch any video from any browser in OS X Picture in Picture mode. Even your local videos

About PIPGrabber

Watch any videos in Picture in Picture mode

PiP mode is a really convinient way to watch videos, like presentation recordings, while continue working with other stuff

Minimalistic UI

Everything is all about opening any video and watch it in foreground

Control your video

By default, PiP mode doesn't have play controls, but PIPGrabber does

Play even local files

PIPGrabber allows you via Share extension to open any local file to play it in Picture in Picture mode

What's new in PIPGrabber
2.2.1 26 Feb 2018
  • Add video history in tray menu for convenience
  • Support for parsing current time from Youtube link
  • Minor bugs fixes
2.2 6 Jan 2018
  • Meet played video history. Reopen closed played videos with saved time position
  • Fixed bug with displaying timing controls for playing live videos
  • Fixed bug with displaying different video formats than 16:9
  • Minor UI tweaks
2.1.1 29 Nov 2017
  • Fixed bug with displaying timing controls for movies longer than 1 hour
  • Fixed bug with opening video links
2.1 28 Nov 2017
  • Fixed bug with resizing of Picture in Picture window
  • Fixed bug with Open PIP button where it becomes active when it should not
  • Fixed bug with monitoring links - from now on, PIPGrabber will notify you only when there are video link in the clipboard. Of course, you can force to open any link you want from the main window like it was before
2.0 17 Nov 2017
  • Added play controls to PIP window. Just hover cursor to it and you will see current play time. Use double tap on the video to do a fast forward or rewind actions. Use swipe gesture to change time precisely
  • Added clipboard monitoring. If you want, PIPGrabber will monitor your clipboard for URLs and will show a notification to you with proposal to open PIP mode
  • Added possibility to assign your custom global shortcuts, which will show main window or open PIP mode
  • Added possibility to change fast forward time. You can choose between 5 and up to 60 seconds
  • Added play/pause button and fixed UI of fast forward and rewind buttons
  • Pressing enter key in address text field will now open PIP
  • Added small help message
1.1.1 26 Sep 2017
  • Fixed social links
  • Fixed minor issues with player
1.1.0 14 July 2017
  • Meet Share extension. From now on, you can share any video to PIPGrabber, including local ones
  • Add possibility to change video time from PIPGrabber window, as well as from tray menu
1.0.1 12 May 2017
  • Video url will be preserved when user pop's PIP window
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